Cigarette License $100 Trapping Rights $50
Class B Beer License $100 Cemetery Burial (Regular) $775
Class B Liquor License $500 Cemetery Burial (Sat, Sun, Hol, after 1 pm) $925
Class A Beer License $30 Cremation Burial (Reg/Vault) $275/$300
Class A Liquor License $200 Cremation Burial (Sat, Sun, Hol, after 1pm) $350/$375
Special Class B Beer License $10 Winter Regular Burial $900-$1400
Provisional Operator’s License $15 Winter Reg. Burial (Sat, Sun, Hol, after 1pm) $1050-$1550
Operator’s License $15 Winter Reg. Cremation Burial $355
Winter Reg. Cremation Burial (Sat, Sun, Hol, after 1pm)

Burial Plot – each



Publication Fee $15
Building Permit $50
Parking Fine $15 Cemetery Vault Storage
(excl. St. Mary’s, Bohri & Eagle
Valley Cemeteries)
Board of Appeals Rate Each $300
Burning Permit $3 Gravel (per yd) $50
Boat Launch Annual $30 Sidewalk Snow Removal $75
Boat Launch Daily $5 Bobcat Usage Per Hour
(plus man hours)
Boat Launch Senior Annual $20
Boat Launch (2nd permit@family) $15 Paper Service $50
Dog Licenses (unaltered) $15 Dog Licenses (spayed/neutered) $10

Building Permits:
Applications can be obtained at the Clerk-Treasurer’s office or the Building Inspector.  Any remodeling valued at $500 or more, or any addition (including decks) the cost is $50.  Please contact the Clerk-Treasurer for additional information regarding zoning questions or new construction.  Clerk will review for completeness before accepting all applications. Click Here to Download Building Permit Application

Burning Permits:
For brush type material only.  Fee is $3.  Can be obtained by contacting the Fire Chief, Tom Hentges, on the date you wish to burn.

Notice: No plastic or artificial flowers are allowed unless they are placed on the headstones or in an urn. Please remove any arrangement as soon as possible. Ground flowers may be planted on grave sites; however, the City takes no responsibility for damage done to them either from vandals or from the cutting and trimming of the grass. The City is NOT responsible for private urns placed in the cemetery. This includes maintenance and watering.

Dog Licenses:
Dog must be licensed annually by April 1st.  Proof of rabies vaccination must be included with application.  Fees are as follows:  male or female $15, spayed or neutered $10 Click Here to Download Dog License Application

Park Shelter:
The park shelter is available for use on a first-come, first-serve basis free of charge.  On the first weekday prior to your use, place a sign on the inside wall of the shelter reserving your date, time, and length of event (ex.  “Ann Smith’s Graduation Party May 26th (1-3PM). Contact the Clerk-Treasurer at (608) 687-7481 to see if anyone else has reserved the shelter on the same date.

Auditorium/Ballpark & Stand Use:
The above are available for use when they are not occupied by city functions.  Non-profit community groups are not charged.  For all other groups/individuals the following fees are charged: Auditorium Reception $150; Auditorium Reception in the basement only $75; Ballpark & Stand $100 with $50 refunded after cleaning; Auditorium Volleyball League $225 season & $10 practice

Boat Landing Launch Fees:
Required at both the lower and upper landings to pay for maintenance and upgrading cost of facilities.  Self serve envelopes, fee schedule and depository boxes at each location.
$30 annual sticker (Jan-Dec) purchased via envelope at the landing or at the Clerk-Treasurer’s office.
2nd annual sticker for second family vehicle is $15.
$20 annual sticker (senior)-must be purchased at the Clerk-Treasurer’s office with proof of being 65 years of age or older.

Trapping Rights:
$50 purchased annually for the period July 1-June 30th.  Incumbent trapping rights permittee will have first option for renewal for the next annual period.  If it is not renewed within 30 days of expiration, then the next interested party may obtain those rights until such time as he/she does not renew in a timely manner.

Special Event Permit: Special Event Permit Application

Operators License:
$15 per operator.  Click Here to Download Application for an Operator license