Our Parks

Fountain City Community Park

Located on the southend entrance to the city. This park features a large green space, pavilion & picnic tables, children’s playground, public restrooms, ball-field and concessions stand. Many community events are held at our park like Rhythms by the River, summer little league, Rhubarb Fest, Easter Egg Hunt and more.

Eagle View Park

Located at the intersection of Hill Street and North Street, right next to City Hall. This park features a tiny corner of green space with a picnic table to rest and take in views of soaring eagles over Eagle Bluff.

Fountain Park

Located at the intersection of Main Street, Eagle Street and Hwy 35 in downtown Fountain City. This park features a traditional water fountain surrounded by beautiful flowers and a historical marker. Make a wish and take a rest on one of the memorial benches.

Holme’s Park

Located at the northern intersection of Fountain Street and Hwy 35. This park features a large historical marker on our city’s founders. Memorial benches provide a wonderful view of the Mississippi.

Pig Island Scenic Overlook

Located on Main Street nearest K Street (our greenest street!). This park features a historic light pole and bubbler, viewing deck and swinging benches to take in the Mississippi views. A historic plaque tells of farming that once took place on an island.

Using Park/Rec Facilities

Park Shelter:
The park shelter is available for use on a first-come, first-serve basis free of charge.  On the first weekday prior to your use, you may place a sign on the inside wall of the shelter announcing your plans: ex.  “Ann Smith’s Graduation Party May 26th (1-3PM)”.  You may contact the Clerk-Treasurer at (608) 687-7481 to see if anyone else has mentioned their desire to use the shelter on the same date.

Auditorium/Ballpark & Stand Use:
The above are available for use when they are not occupied by city functions.  Non-profit community groups are not charged.  For all other groups/individuals the following fees are charged:

Auditorium Reception $150; $100 deposit refunded after cleaning
Community Room $75; $50 deposit refunded after cleaning
Ballpark & Stand $100; $50 refunded after cleaning
Auditorium Volleyball League $225 season & $10 practice

Community Room with tables and chairs

Community Room

View of auditorium showing the whole gym